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 Margie LandfieldDavid has been our contractor for several years now. He’s refinished our deck, painted our home, and this past year he did a complete remodel of the interior of our house (house renovation).  All new paint, wood floors, tile, interior doors, light and plumbing fixtures, the addition of a wall to enclose the vanity within our master bath, and installation of amazing tile work throughout both the master and guest baths showers and bath.Mr. Avila has a work ethic second to none!  If he’s not happy with his work, he redoes it.  I swear he’s a perfectionist!  If you find something you’d like changed, he fixes it to your liking.  Best of all, he’ll give you his honest opinion.  I’ve known him so long that I simply instruct him to do it the way he thinks it should be done. Yes, David is that kind of gentleman and businessman. I might add, you’ll find him very easy to work with, easygoing and jovial.We trust him completely and will not hire anyone other than his company to perform what needs to be done. 


My first call to David Avila was several years ago.  He was recommended to me by a friend.  I needed David to lower the electrical outlet behind my stove to closer to the baseboard.  The electrician who changed the stove connection from direct wire to electrical outlet refused to place the outlet lower on the wall.  Consequently, my stove stood out from the wall by 3 inches because of the plug.  David carefully removed the wallboard, moved the outlet, then replaced the wallboard.  He made sure the new piece was flush with the wall.  He sealed and texted the wallboard then asked if I had any spare paint that matched the kitchen wall.  I did.  David painted the area and blended the paint in with the surrounding area.  When he was finished, the wall looked like nothing had been done to it.  The texture and paint perfectly matched the surrounding area.  In the past, I have used other home remodel specialists or handymen who was not as meticulous as that.  Consequently, I have continued to use David Avila’s services for anything from replacing light fixtures, to painting rooms and exterior walls, replacing hot water heater, and doing a total kitchen make-over.  He is conscientious, careful, and exacting in his work.  On occasion, David could not perform the job – like replace a garage door.  In those cases, he recommended service professionals whose work was just as exacting as his own. .   In all the years I have used David’s services, I have not had to call him to redo or repair any of his own work.  In fact, I have called David to redo defective work done by others I had used before I was introduced to David. 

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had our dining room converted into an office by framing and installation of glass French doors. Very professional, organized and completed the job quickly. Would highly recommend!

Service: Interior painting

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